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Lynn & Jordan Law From Atlanta, United States

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Contact Information:

Contact Name: Michelle Jordan
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Address: 150 South Perry Street Suite 206
Postal Code: 30046
Website: http://www.lynnandjordanlaw.com
Tel.: 1-770-212-9090



Type: Criminal, Divorce, Defense, Government Contracts

Description: Lynn & Jordan Law firm of Lawrenceville, Ga is dedicated to protecting your family. Regardless of why you find yourself needing a lawyer, your family is likely at risk, in pain, and in a state of confusion. We understand that you did not choose to be in your situation and that you want to move past it as soon as possible and with as little damage as you can. We are dedicated to making that happen and specialized in knowing how to take you through the legal process in the most efficient and protected manner available to you. June Lynn and Michelle Jordan worked for many years at various law firms before starting Lynn and Jordan Law. While working together at a previous firm, they discovered they both shared similar passion while specializing in different disciplines including: Family Law, Juvenile-related Defense, and Criminal Defense. They had a passion for helping clients to start healing as soon as possible, to protect children, and to ensure their clients were not being taken advantage of. In 2013, they branched out on their own to start a firm where they could help others, even through the dark and difficult situations that often surround life.
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