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Spot a lawyer directory is one of the fastest growing directory that provides information about lawyers, attorneys and law firms in New York that specialize in the following legal issues: bankruptcy, family, divorce, traffic tickets, criminal, patents, taxation, international law, construction, assault, car accidents law, asbestos, defense, DUI, DWI, employment, immigration, Injury, insurance, internet, medical malpractice and mesothelioma.

List Of New York Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms:

FINE, OLIN & ANDERMAN - New York, New York, United States
For more than 45 years, Fine, Olin & Anderman has been committed to providing union members, their families, and retirees with quality legal representation close to home. We strive to be accessible to our clients, with offices throughout New York State as well as in New Jersey and Connecticut. We make evevery effort to keep clients informed of the status of their cases and above all, we always treat client with the respect and consideration they deserve....
PASZYNSKY ASSOCIATES , P.C. - New York, New York, United States
Law firm Paszynsky Associates is devoted to the most aggressive and ethical representation of individuals and businesses being charged with a crime. Their experts specialize in every aspect of criminal law throughout New York City. The attorneys at Paszynsky and Associates believe in the maintenance of close communication with all of those we represent so they feel comfortable and know what’s happening throughout their entire case.Also, they counsel and advise all of our clients to make them...
Service: Criminal, Defense, Government Contracts
NYLAWYER888 - New York, New York, United States
New York personal injury lawyers of Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz and Frederick are highly effective and skilled with many years of experience. Contact us at 347-577-9440 for free consultation regarding your personal injury claim....
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