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Spot a lawyer directory is one of the fastest growing directory that provides information about lawyers, attorneys and law firms in Lima that specialize in the following legal issues: bankruptcy, family, divorce, traffic tickets, criminal, patents, taxation, international law, construction, assault, car accidents law, asbestos, defense, DUI, DWI, employment, immigration, Injury, insurance, internet, medical malpractice and mesothelioma.

List Of Lima Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms:

ATTORNEY OVER 30 YEARS IN PRACTICE Legal advice to businesses and enterprises. Civil and Commercial Law. Legal Compliance. Preparation of contracts and documents of legal nature. Buying and selling properties. Arrangements for hiring labor redundancies. Intellectual Property - Copyright - Trademark. Trials - Recoveries demand for damages. Tax Consulting Tax Claims....
Service: Abestos, Bankruptcy
Spot a Lawyer provides a detailed listing of lawyers, attorneys and law firms in Lima , Peru. Every individual listing provides detailed information about the lawyer. The following information can be found on every member’s profile page in Lima : description, contact information, legal issues specializes in and geographical areas serviced. Need a lawyer? Browse Lima’s Spot a Lawyers Directory to book your appointment with a lawyer or law firm in your area.

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