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Spot a lawyer directory is one of the fastest growing directory that provides information about lawyers, attorneys and law firms in Dar es Salaam that specialize in the following legal issues: bankruptcy, family, divorce, traffic tickets, criminal, patents, taxation, international law, construction, assault, car accidents law, asbestos, defense, DUI, DWI, employment, immigration, Injury, insurance, internet, medical malpractice and mesothelioma.

List Of Dar es Salaam Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms:

FB ATTORNEYS - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Our lawyers come with a cumulative experience of over 70 years. Our strong local roots and extensive connections ensure a thorough knowledge of East African business reality. Our team has handled some of the most complex business transactions both within the region and internationally. We specialize in matters that require special attention, extensive experience and a high level of sophistication. At FB Attorneys, we take a long term approach to the client’s needs. Our local and regional...
Service: Abestos, Abestos, Bankruptcy
Spot a Lawyer provides a detailed listing of lawyers, attorneys and law firms in Dar es Salaam , Tanzania. Every individual listing provides detailed information about the lawyer. The following information can be found on every member’s profile page in Dar es Salaam : description, contact information, legal issues specializes in and geographical areas serviced. Need a lawyer? Browse Dar es Salaam’s Spot a Lawyers Directory to book your appointment with a lawyer or law firm in your area.

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